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TSM’s performance outshines industry peers amid revised revenue estimates

TSM's performance outshines industry peers amid revised revenue estimates
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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing ADR (NASDAQ:TSM) has shown a noteworthy performance over the past six months, with its share value rising by 2.48%, significantly better than most of its industry peers. This comes despite a decrease in the company’s share price over the past month by -0.97%. As of today, TSM’s shares were priced at $86.06, reflecting a $0.07 or 0.08% change from the last session, and a market cap of $446.34B.

In the past week, TSM ended the last trading session in green with a performance change of -5.54%, reaching weekly highs of $92 on Monday. The average trading volume over the past 10 days was slightly higher at 11.32 million shares compared to the last five days’ average volume of 10.41 million.

The consensus price target for TSM is $111.24, indicating an upside of 22.64% from its current market value. To reach the target high of $130, the stock’s price would need to drop by -51.06%, while a 12.85% decline is required to hit the forecast low of $75.

Analysts have upgraded TSM’s fiscal year 2023 revenue estimates, which are expected to fall -28.80% for the current quarter and -6.10% for the next quarter. Year-over-year growth is forecasted to reach -12.10%. The company’s revenue in the current quarter is projected at an average of $18.76 billion according to consensus estimates given by five financial analysts.

For the quarter ending Mar 2024, they predict a revenue of $17.71 billion, compared to $20.97 billion for the same quarters a year ago.

TSM’s past 5-year earnings growth rate was 24.77%, but the 2023 estimates predict a decrease by -23.46%. However, the outlook for the next 5-year period is at 2.70% per year.

The company is expected to release its next quarterly earnings report in November and it offers an annual dividend of 1.81, yielding 2.10%.

Institutional holders own 17.29% of TSM shares with the top institutional holder being Sanders Capital, LLC with 0.83% of the shares as of Jun 29, 2023, followed by FMR, LLC holding 0.82%. Major mutual fund holders include American Balanced Fund and VanEck ETF Trust-VanEck Semiconductor ETF.

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