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Galaxy Payroll Group LTD Announces 2.5M Share IPO

Galaxy Payroll Group LTD Announces 2.5M Share IPO
© Reuters. Galaxy Payroll Group LTD (GLXG) Announces 2.5M Share IPO

Galaxy Payroll Group LTD has filed for 2,500,000 share IPO. The company has not specified the anticipated price range.

The company describes itself as: “We are a holding company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, or BVI. As a holding company with no operations, we are not a Chinese operating company. Our operations are conducted by our Operating Entities, which include our indirect wholly-owned subsidiaries, such as Galaxy Payroll Services Limited (“Galaxy Payroll (HK)”), Galaxy GEO Services Limited (“Galaxy GEO Services”), Galaxy Corporate Management Consultancy (Shenzhen) Limited (“Galaxy HR (SZ)”), Galaxy Human Resources Limited (“Galaxy HR (TW)”), and Galaxy Recursos Humanos (Macau) Limitada (“Galaxy HR (Macau)”), which are incorporated in Hong Kong, PRC, Taiwan and Macau. As a reputable payroll outsourcing service, employment service and consultancy and market research service provider based in Hong Kong, the Company, through our Operating Entities, provides services to our customers which are mainly categorized as (i) channels which are global human resources service providers engaged by companies/organizations to handle payroll and/or employment-related matters for their branch offices in different regions; (ii) end-users which are mainly multinational companies/organizations that outsource their payroll and/or employment functions to us directly; (iii) end-users consulting us for their future expansion worldwide. Galaxy HR (SZ), Galaxy Payroll (HK), Galaxy HR (TW) and Galaxy HR (Macau) provide payroll outsourcing services in the mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau; Galaxy HR (SZ), Galaxy Payroll (HK), Galaxy GEO Services and Galaxy HR (TW) provide employment services in the mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan; and Galaxy Payroll (HK) provides consultancy and market research services in Hong Kong. End-users of our services may either be (i) our indirect customers engaging us through channels; or (ii) our direct customers. This is an offering of the Ordinary Shares of Galaxy Payroll Group Limited, the holding company incorporated in BVI, instead of shares of our Operating Entities. You may never directly hold any equity interest in our Operating Entities.”

Prime Number Capital will serve as sole underwriter.

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